9 Greatest apps for writers

9 Greatest apps for writers

Whether writing is your profession, you write as a hobby, or are even a bestselling author, you could use the help of the greatest apps for writers. They’ll help you organize your work, edit it, format it, but much more as well. Keep reading and choose the best app for you!

1. Scrivener

One of the greatest apps for writers is, of course, Scrivener. This app lets you pick a template for the project your working on, whether it’s a screenplay, an essay, a novel, or anything else. It helps you stay organized and has more options than you could possibly imagine. Scrivener is perfect for book writing, but you can use it for any type of writing. It’s available for Windows, iOS, and Mac, and its license fee is $45 after the 30 day trial period. A free alternative to Scrivener is an app called yWriter.

2. Reedsy Book Editor

This free app lets you insert characters and drag and drop chapters, but that’s not all. It’s one of the greatest apps for writers because it also lets you track changes so that you can see previous versions of what you wrote, which not a lot of apps for writers offer. This app will also make it easy for you to format your book so that it’s ready for publication.

3. Grammarly

The list of the greatest apps for writers can’t go without the most popular spelling and grammar checker in the world. Grammarly is a free app that will make sure that you fix the mistakes in your text as well as learn from them. It lets you set goals so that you can choose your tone, audience, and formality. You’ll also be able to check your text for clarity, as well as engagement and delivery.

4. Hemingway

It’s important to cut the story short, and there’s an app named by the twentieth-century writer that can help you with that. Hemingway lets you see info on the sentence length, adverbs, passive voice, and word usage. It also shows the reading level so that you can make sure to target the right audience. It’s easy to edit your text in Hemingway, it’s one of the greatest apps for writers, and it’s entirely free, so make sure to use it! Alternatively, you can try Readable, which is a similar app.

9 Greatest apps for writers5. NaturalReader

Did you notice that, when you read the text you wrote, you sometimes read what you meant to write, not what’s actually written? This makes it hard for you to fix everything that you should. Wouldn’t it be great if you would always hear someone else read your text so that you could catch typos and awkward phrasing? That’s what NaturalReader is there for, and it’s a free app that reads your text out loud in the most natural voice possible.

6. Evernote

You’ll find a lot of organizational templates that let you structure a novel, make plans, take notes, and much more, all for free in Evernote. You can also tag things in specific categories, chat and share notes with collaborators, and more. The coolest feature that puts this app on the list of greatest apps for writers is Web Clipper, which lets you save any part of web content that you like.

7. Reedsy Prompts

Reedy Prompts is not an app, and if you just search for writing prompts on Google Play or AppleStore you’ll find apps that offer prompts for writers. The reason I mentioned Reedsy Prompts anyway is that it lets you participate in a weekly contest, and win $50 for your story! Try apps The Brainstormer and Writing Challenge as well as this website, and you’ll never run out of ideas.

8. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Speaking of ideas, sometimes you just can’t think of anything to write about, and that’s where Portent’s Content Idea Generator steps in to save the day. Say goodbye to writer’s block and get an intriguing headline as well as content suggestions simply by defining the main topic of your article. Make sure to try Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator as well, and you’ll make a new blog post every day!

9. OneLook

This is one of the greatest apps for writers because it’s a collection of dictionaries that lets you quickly check the meaning of a word and find a word or a synonym. You just need to describe the definition of a word, and you’ll find out everything you need to know about it.

There are many more great apps out there, so make sure to check Todoist if you need to create custom schedules and to-do-list. Thinking about keeping a journal? Use Diaro! You can even save links, texts, and images from the web in Milanote, so use these apps whether you’re a professional writer, a book author, or you just write for the fun of it!