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Benefits Of Using SMS As 2-Factor Authentication Service

The technology behind 2-factor authentications is an old one; however, it has become mainstream recently. Its adoption is evidence that security has become a valued feature online for most people. Most computer systems and online sites only require password and username input. However, for the 2 FA, you’ll need to add an identity or any other required detail to log in. Some of the standard authentication factors we know of include;

  • Things one is familiar with such as passwords
  • Things one has such as phone number 
  • identities like fingerprints

For SMS 2FA verification, the first password belongs to the user.  The second one, also commonly known as the verification code, is sent by the online agency to the user through SMS or email. The verification code changes every time you log into the account. 

An excellent example of an online site that uses 2 FA SMS is Google. You have to first feed in your password and username then the verification code is sent to you. Once you activate this feature, it will mean that you have to key in your primary password every time you log into your account, followed by a code that they send you via SMS, voice call, or email. Some of the benefits of this feature that we will be looking at include; 

It’s Familiar To Most People Lock screen on a mobile phone

Many companies have embraced the 2 FA SMS because SMS is a common feature in most phones. Even the most basic mobile phone supports SMS. Therefore, they can easily reach most people to either inform them of any unauthorized login or send verification codes. It, therefore, boosts the reliability of using SMS for the 2 factor authentication since it assures both the user and the company that the message will be delivered.

Easy To Use 

It is less demanding tech-wise. There is no need to download applications or scan QR codes. It is just simple and reliable. Nowadays, almost everybody has mastered the basics of using a phone which includes sending and reading messages. Therefore the SMS verification is a friendly authentication method even to those who are not tech-savvy. 

It Is Quite Cheap 

For site or business owners, the 2 FA SMS is pretty affordable. It is because they do not need extra software or machines to complete the authentication. As long as the user has their mobile phone, the operation will be successful. Therefore much capital is not pumped into such a project which enables businesses to save up for other projects that may need colossal financing. So it’s safe to say that 2 FA SMS is an important project that needs less funding; how good is that? 


This SMS service cannot operate even without the internet. Therefore in areas with poor internet, the service will still be available to the users. Once there is an unauthorized login, the user can get the notification immediately regardless of the internet fluctuation and immediately take action.  

Immediate Delivery Of The Message

When using the 2 FA SMS, the user is likely to receive the message within seconds after sending it.  Quick delivery allows for a smooth login process since there are no code expiry issues. This quick delivery also makes the user satisfied, especially since one can go on with their activities without waiting to receive several codes after the expiry time of the first one. The internet can sometimes cause delays due to fluctuation; thus, the code may be sent on time, but it might be received later due to poor internet. Users prefer an authentication process that is seamless hence the reason why SMS verification is popular.

Shallow Learning Curve

There is not much to be learned with a two-step SMS authentication service. The user only has to key in the numbers on their screen in the dialogue box present on the login page. Therefore this low learning curve makes it convenient for most people since they do not have to go through lengthy processes. 

It Is Possible To Create An Automated System 

An automated messaging system whereby the messages are automatically sent to any user who wants to log into their account without much effort or workforce needed. Once the system is set, it is possible to send bulk messages to users across the globe.    

 Final Take 

Its vulnerabilities notwithstanding, 2 FA SMS is among the best ways to secure users’ data. With the rising data theft, it’s best to take the necessary precautions with an enhanced 2 factor authentication that is fast and accessible. When there is a breach, the user should be notified to mitigate before the situation gets worse. Another added advantage of this authentication method is that it works most of the time. Its chances of backfiring are pretty low.