5 Best Credit Cards For Everyday Use

A credit card makes paying for goods and services more accessible. However, did you know that you can not just use a credit card to pay your expenses but also gain extra credit if you choose a particular card tailored to your lifestyle? Below we have listed the five best credit card options for your everyday use that will assist you in getting the max out of this service.

1. Amazon Credit Card

  • During the first three months, this cardholder gets a zero percent offer on purchases. Still, as soon as you qualify for the eligibility criteria, you begin to receive 1% cashback on your spendings.
  • Once you get the approval, you receive a $20 gift card which is an extravagant gift.
  • Moreover, every time you shop at Amazon or any other site that is accessible to wholefoodsmarket.com, including 365 stores and physical stores, you start to earn a 3% cashback (if your card doesn’t have a Prime membership)and a 5% cashback (if you have a Prime membership).
  • You earn 2% cashback for each $1 spent at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores. 
  • For all other purchases, the reward is a 1% rebate.
  • Additionally, there are no hidden annual credit card charges or foreign transaction fees.

2. Aqua Advance Credit Card

  • It is a long-term option card if you are in search of a credit rebuilding card.
  • It is a card for people with a history of poor credit and has relatively high-interest rates. 
  • Using this card, your APR (Annual Percentage Rate) reduces by 5% each year if you remain under your credit limit and repay on time. 
  • Just in three years, your APR will be as low as 19.9%.
  • For more prudent use, the credit limit on the card is initially low, but you can raise it as needed.

3. Tymit Credit Card

  • There is a spread of cost features you get using this card, which lets you repay your debt in three monthly installments with no interest.
  • Users who need more time can choose between 6, 12, 24, or 36 months at a transparent rate.
  • Moreover, if you pay your bills on time, you won’t have to pay any interest.
  • It has an IOS and Android compatible app that makes it easy for you to stay on top of all your purchases and due dates. Using this card, you never miss an activity or upcoming payment date. 
  • The card has an application that uses the purchase simulator feature to facilitate planning for large purchases, such as a family vacation. It provides you with long-term data to keep track of your finances and tells you in advance how those financial decisions will affect your monthly bills. 
  • The card doesn’t charge any annual fees, and you can withdraw up to £200 per month without paying an ATM withdrawal fee. 
  • Also, you are not charged with foreign transaction fees when traveling abroad.

4. Santander All In One Credit Card

  • Balance transfers and purchases on the Santander Card are both interest-free for 26 months. In addition, the card offers up to 56 days of interest-free credit on purchases and has no balance transfer fee.
  • Since you don’t have to pay any balance transfer fees, you can take advantage of 26 months interest-free and could save a significant amount of money.
  • Later the transfer fee typically gets around 3%. 
  • With zero foreign transaction fees, all purchases earn 0.5% cashback.
  • It has an All In One card feature that gives a 0.5% cashback rate on all purchases. It may not be huge, but it adds up over time. 
  • Furthermore, as a Santander customer, you’ll benefit from its online and mobile banking services, which come with free access to Retailer Offers. This service provides up to 15% back on purchases at select retailers.
  • It has a scheme offering new cardholders 25% cashback as a welcome offer.
  • It charges no fees to use your credit card in foreign countries when you are on holiday.

5. British Airways American Express Card

  • Travelers and shoppers will love this card because it gives you access to travel rewards and shopping rewards. 
  • Simply by making a purchase, you are accumulating Avios. When you spend £1, you get 1 Avios. Spending £1,000 or more in the first three months earns you 5000 Avios.
  • You can earn Avios points on everyday purchases with two British Airways reward credit cards. You can make your next free flights or hotel stays with either of these cards’ introductory offers, which are 5,000 and 25,000 Avios points.