6 Best apps for meditation

6 Best apps for meditation

Stop for a second. Place yourself in a comfortable position. Breathe. Close your eyes. Focus on nothing but your breathing. Just breathe.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? We are all busy, but we can all use 5 minutes to simply relax and distress. Whether you are used to meditating or not, there are apps that can help you with that. You owe yourself those 5 minutes and if you haven’t yet tried meditating, give it a chance. Choose from these 6 best apps for meditation and use them to just be present in the moment. Keep reading even if you are reluctant to try meditating because we’ll start with something specially made for skeptics.

1. 10% Happier: Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics

Even though meditating has become a very popular way to distress, there are still skeptics who aren’t sure that they’d like to meditate, and this is the app for them. Just the idea of making something like this puts 10% Happier on top of the list of the best apps for meditation so that you see it before giving up on this. The app provides much more than a fun idea though because it offers new content each week, and there is an entirely free version available on both Google Play and Apple Store. There are in-app purchases, and you can purchase a premium version that offers additional content and 500+ videos. The app is here to help you deal with anxiety and sleep better. It is based on the book by Dan Harris, an ABC news correspondent.

2. Calm

An award-winning app Calm offers guided sessions that range in time. Meditate for 25 minutes or only 3 minutes if you want. You’ll find breathing exercises, sleep sounds, calming exercises, nature sounds, and many more. You can track your progress, and new meditations are available daily. Try a seven-day program for beginners or even a 21-day program! There is a section called The Sleep Stories where you’ll enjoy hearing voice talents, among which are Jerome Flynn and Matthew McConaughey. They’ll help you sleep like a baby, and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested. This app is also free, although there are in-app purchases, and it’s available on Google Play and Apple Store.
6 Best apps for meditation

3. Aura

When you open this app, you’ll get to choose your current mood, and the app will give you personalized choices of music, daily meditations, nature sounds, life coaching, and stories. You can also track your moods which will give you the possibility to review patterns regarding your feelings. The app also lets you set reminders to take breaks and reminders to breathe. Practice mindfulness a few times throughout the day like this app suggests and enjoy one of the best apps for meditation. It’s entirely free, except there are in-app purchases, and you can find it both on Google Play and Apple Store.

4. Inscape

There is a zen room in New York City, in a meditation studio where teaches guide people through mindfulness practices, and this app is like an extension of that room. It’s here to help you sleep better and reduce anxiety and stress. It’s another app that offers a tailored experience based on your experience with meditating, the current time, and your goals. Even the names of your playlists will seem very personalized so use this app whenever you want to center yourself and just relax, which you should do on a regular basis. The app is free with in-app purchases, and it’s available only on Apple Store.

5. SimpleHabit

This is where you’ll find five-minute meditations brought to you by mindfulness experts including former monks and experts at Google. Besides classic guided meditations, you’ll find bedtime stories, coaching, and motivational guides. SimpleHabit will help you turn meditation into a daily habit, and you’ll feel better really fast. There are meditations for any goal, personal situation, or time of the day. Like the others, it’s free (in-app purchases) and available on Google Play and Apple Store.

6. Insight Timer

Set a timer for meditation and just sit without guidance or choose to meditate based on how long you want it to last and what style you want (anxiety and stress-reducing, loving-kindness, body scan…). You can earn badges and chart your progress, but that’s not all. Besides in-app purchases, the app is free, and you’ll receive 10+ free guided meditation each day. There are also community features and discussion groups as well as ambient sounds and music tracks. The app is available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Meditating is easy with the help of these apps, so at least give it a chance and it might become your new daily habit that helps you tackle everything the new day has in store for you.