15 best gift ideas for your girlfriend

15 best gift ideas for your girlfriend

Whether you’ve just recently started dating or are in a committed relationship, she deserves the best, so I’m here with the best gift ideas for your girlfriend. Her birthday, Valentine’s Day, or some other special occasion is coming up, and you need to go prepared, meaning carrying the best gift ever. What to choose though? How about a medallion with the picture of the two of you inside? This is a great gift if you’ve been together for a long time now, but you’ll find suggestions on gifts for fresh couples as well, so keep reading.

1. Memory box

Couples (especially the female part of the couple) often keep a memory box of their relationship. This can be any box that you’ll use to save old movie tickets, bottle cords, postcards, or anything else that is related to the fun time you had together or symbolizes an important moment in your relationship. You can find the perfect box and suggest this to your girlfriend, and she’ll surely love the idea. There are even wooden personalized memory boxes that you can order online.

2. Camera

A camera is one of the best gifts for your girlfriend if she likes taking pictures, whether professionally or just as a hobby. If she’s interested in photography you can even buy her a photography course or take her to a photography museum. She could even start selling stock images.

3. Date Ideas

Couples often run out of ideas for dates, but they should never stop dating. There are a lot of interesting products related to date ideas that you can order online, but you can even make one yourself. Find the best date ideas online, write them down on colorful papers, and put them in a pretty jar. You can even write “100 dates I promise to take you on” on the jar.

4. Leather backpack

There are many kinds of purses and bags, and most women love them, but they each have a specific taste in fashion, so buying one as a gift can be tricky. You can never go wrong with a simple leather backpack though, since this is something every woman can use.

5. Personalized water bottle

A personalized water bottle is one of the best gift ideas for your girlfriend if she often goes to the gym, to a yoga class, or does any sports activity among other people. Everyone carries water bottles, and this way she’ll never get hers mixed up with someone else’s, plus it will always remind her of you. It can have a label with her name or some other message for her, and you can order one online.

6. Planner

Who could say no to a beautiful planner? If your girlfriend likes to write down everything, she will surely appreciate this gift. You can even get personalized planners and write a dedication on the first page.

15 best gift ideas for your girlfriend7. Blanket

One of the best gift ideas for your girlfriend is a fluffy, soft blanket that can hug her when you’re not around. You can snuggle underneath it, and it will make her think of you whenever she gets comfy before dozing off to sleep.

8. Brush set

Maybe your girlfriend loves make-up and, if that so, she most certainly can’t ever have enough make-up brushes. Buying make-up can be tricky if you’re a guy who doesn’t even know the difference between eyeliner and mascara, so go for a set of make-up brushes, and you surely won’t make a mistake.

9. Travel bag

A travel bag is one of the best gift ideas for your girlfriend, but you can turn it into an even better one. Plan a vacation, even if it’s just a romantic weekend getaway trip, and give her a travel bag with something that lets her know where she’ll be this weekend. Of course, plane tickets to Paris would beat that, but they’d beat anything, and even a camping trip can be super romantic.

10. Plant

One of the unique and creative gifts for your loved one is a plant. I know that a cute puppy would be better, but that’s quite a risky gift unless your girlfriend mentioned that she’s been meaning to get one. On the other hand, a beautiful plant doesn’t require that much responsibility, and it will still always remind your girlfriend of you.

11. Ring

Don’t freak out, it doesn’t have to be an engagement ring, but you could mention that it’s a pre-engagement ring and make your girlfriend the happiest woman in the world. Of course, it can be a simple ring that doesn’t mean anything else but that she means a lot to you.

12. Candles and skin masks

No woman would say no to a SPA day, even if she has to create one at home, but she will need scented candles and skin masks. These two items are one of the best gift ideas for your girlfriend, but also for any other woman because we all love them. It’s a great gift if you’re just dating and you don’t want to overdo it with something that screams “I love you”.

13. Breakfast in bed

Women have made it clear what they want in basically every movie ever made, and one of those things is breakfast in bed. Make sure to add a vase with a red rose and bring it to her on a portable bed table. You can make pancakes and coffee and add a love letter underneath the plate!

14. Book of love letters and love poems

Most men aren’t great at words when it comes to expressing their feelings in a romantic way, but some were actually amazing at it. Maybe you can’t write a poem for your girlfriend, but you can buy her a book of love letters and love poems written by great men and write “What they said” as a dedication. Okay, maybe go for a more romantic dedication, but you can still make it a little funny.

15. Wine delivery subscription

In the end, one of the best gift ideas for your girlfriend is a wine delivery subscription. She could receive her choices of wine on a regular basis, so this is a gift that puts a smile on her face and keeps coming back to do it again even after the special occasion. It’s many gifts in one!