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Plumbing Tools That Everyone Should Own 

While a professional plumber’s toolbox is filled with plenty and specific pieces of equipment, your home toolbox needs only a few of those to get the job done around the house. Most home plumbing repairs are just essential replacements and fixing and do not require much technical know-how. Therefore, this article will review a few of the indispensable tools that have to be in a home owner’s toolbox to carry out general plumbing in the house, such as unclogging blocked drainage.

Sink Auger 

Also known as a canister auger, it is the best weapon for sorting out clogged sinks and bathtub drainage. Just don’t use it on the toilet. Many things cause blocking in sinks, and it may cause terrible hygiene issues. Thus, having this tool is a necessity. The auger has a corkscrew end and a flexible cable. The cable is coiled with a canister drum attached to it.

The cable is flexible enough and extends into a drain necessary for reaching a clog and pushing it through the system. There is a thumbscrew that tightens the cable to the canister below the handle, and you can rotate the cable through the awkward bends that cannot be easily reached. The sink auger can also be used for routine cleaning and not just unclogging the system.

Channel Lock Pliers 

You will need these pliers during your plumbing escapades and routine maintenance in the house.  It has various adjustments places known as channels. The channels can be adjusted to fit any object size. Additionally, they have protective handles that are comfortable to hold, and some are even insulated to prevent them from passing electric currents. The ridges on their jaws also provide a perfect grip on objects. The good part is that they are versatile in that you can also use them for other maintenance purposes aside from plumbing


A plunger is another basic plumbing tool that should be in every home. It will help fix a blockage quickly. Whether from a toy or any other item, a plunger is the best tool to sort minor clogs. It puts force into the pipes so that water can go through by applying pressure on the clog and forcing it through the system to allow a freeway for water to go through.

Toilet blockages are common, especially in households with kids. They tend to be naughty and can drop anything in the toilet. So, as a rule of thumb, ensure your plunger is close to your bathroom so that you do not have to call a plumber to sort such minor issues.

Plumbing Snake Plumbing wrench

It is also possible that you will sometimes encounter a toilet blockage that a plunger cannot sort out. You’ll think of calling a plumber, but you can quickly sort it if you have a plumbing snake. This unique tool has a more flexible cable, enabling it to penetrate through the toilet bends to push the clog through the system. It is pretty affordable and efficient; hence you have to keep it beside the plunger for when you get a blockage that is hard to deal with.

Basin Wrench

A basin wrench can sometimes be referred to as a sink wrench. Loose sinks and taps can be problematic. Hence the need for a basin wrench. It is used to fasten the bolts around the sink or faucet. It is long and has a clamp that is adjustable at the end. Its long shaft allows it to slip into tiny spaces that you can’t reach easily. Additionally, the clamp helps in gripping and tightening the loose areas while the pivotal head ensures it can turn in any direction you want.

Pipe Wrench 

If the basin wrench does not work, then you can elevate it to this enormous tool. A pipe wrench is used to tighten or disassemble pipes, faucets, and pipe fittings. It is adjustable and has serrated teeth, which makes its grip harder. It is also quite affordable and a vital tool to have in your home toolbox.

Seal Tape 

It is commonly used for sealing thread pipes during plumbing. A seal tape lubricates the pipes and allows them to stick together even when the threads are being unscrewed. It is also essential when it comes to sealing leaks. It can be used on various sections in the house, such as sinks, bathtubs, and waterline connections.

Plumber’s Contact 

It’s not a tool, but you need it along with your essential plumbing toolbox. Looking for a plumber during an emergency can be hectic, and due to desperation, you may end up hiring even an inexperienced plumber who may cause more damage or do a shady job. So ensure you have a reliable and professional plumber who is one call away.


Gearing up for a plumbing emergency is easy if you have the proper plumbing tools. Your toolbox does not have to be packed. Instead, you should have an assorted number of efficient plumbing tools that everyone should own. Additionally, having equipment is an excellent way to prevent a minor problem from becoming a major emergency.