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Benefits Of Donating Unused Items

So you are looking to de-clutter your closet or generally various places in the house.  Most times, we hoard some things knowingly and unknowingly. Letting go of a beautiful dress that you do not wear can be too much to ask. Giving out a piece of furniture that is no longer in use can be hard too. We tend to form attachments with our items. However, there is someone who needs what you are not using. Okay, it is understandable that you might be keeping some items for mementos. But what about those random items that lie idle in your house? Just let go of them and donate them to someone who may need them. Here are some of the benefits of donating unused items.

It Helps To Free Up Space And Create Room For New Ones

Some items may have sentimental value, but if they fill up space and you are not using them, it’s better to donate them. For example, if you have clothes in your closet that you do not wear, getting rid of them will create some space for new ones. It will also alert you that you need to revamp your wardrobe with better outfits.  When replacing things in our houses, we tend to still keep the old ones when in the real sense; we should be giving them out, especially if they are still in a good state. Letting go of unused furniture will; create more space for a new one to occupy, and even better, you will have some space in your house to fit something else.

You Will Be Helping A Person Who Is In Need

Your gestures do not have to be grand to make someone else happy. Some little thoughtful gestures such as donating what you do not use to a person in need of it portray kindness. Many people do not have the things you have and would get through with a little of what you are not using. Therefore, donating makes an impact in someone else’s life despite the quantity.

Cultivates A Culture Of GenerosityDonating old items

Generosity is a culture that we as human beings need to embrace. Therefore by donating, we become more generous and become more conscious about the realities of people around us. Selfishness means that you do not care about your neighbor or any other person but yourself. Therefore generosity is a trait that should be passed even to future generations. Thus it would help if you gave more to cultivate this culture in your kids or those who look up to you.

You Might Get A Goodwill Tax Deduction

If you donate frequently, you may get a tax write-off. The donations must be at least more than $250. What happens is that you itemize the total market price of the items donated to help you claim a goodwill tax deduction of the donated items. You need to put up a price that a willing buyer would buy the items at if they were on the market, while putting into consideration the condition of the donated item. You can conduct this assessment by yourself. To come up with fair market value, you can use these IRS guidelines to help you.

  • Determining the value of the donated property, which is publication 561. This guideline will help you determine the price classification of your items
  • Charitable contributions, which is publication 526. It will help you understand which people or organizations are entitled to a goodwill tax deduction
  • Non-cash charitable contributions this section gives clear instruction on claiming the money, especially if you are laying claims for donation.

It’s A Good Way Of Recycling

Apart from donation, the only other way you can get rid of unused items is by disposing them off as trash or burning them. Both of these methods involve polluting the environment. Remember, items such as clothes, and furniture are non-biodegradable. Hence, they can be harmful to the environment.

Donating will mean that they will be recycled or reused by another person and thus, will not end up in landfills. These landfills not only pollute the environment but also ruin the aesthetic of the environment. Decomposing textiles release dangerous chemicals which are harmful to our health and general being. Therefore to avoid such, it is better to donate to conserve the beauty of our environment and make it safe at the same time.


In this era of social media and online stores, we constantly find ourselves buying and stocking up things more to keep up with the thrill of new trends. Thus, we always end up with a house full of items we do not need. If you frequently find yourself in such situations, remember to give and create space for new ones. You will not only be putting a smile on someone’s face, but also you will be playing a role in environmental conservation.