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How To Select A Good Car Insurance For New Drivers

It’s thrilling to know how to drive, and even more so when you finally get that driving license. There are about 234,895,000 licensed drivers in the US currently. New drivers between the age of 15 to 20 years account for 6.4% of total drivers. However, the National Institute of Health indicates that teen drivers are eight times likely to get into an auto accidents. Most of which is experienced within the first three months of obtaining their driving license. This why a good car insurance is vital for new drivers. Car insurance is available to all drivers but the pricing varies a lot from a number of factors.

But don’t worry so much. There are companies ready to offer you some affordable rates and even discounts. So, read ahead and find out how to select good car insurance for new drivers.

1. Look Out For Cheap Car Insurance Companies

They say cheap is expensive, but sometimes cheap is worth it. As a new driver, it might be in your best interest to ditch those big-name car insurance companies and go for the more affordable brands. Why? Because some cheap car insurance companies actually offer exceptional rates for new drivers. This isn’t ordinary with industry giant car insurance companies. Your rates will be slightly higher than for experienced drivers. Compare this to what the bigger companies will have to offer you. Don’t be surprised by how expensive the big car insurance companies rates will be.

It’s worth noting that you’ll often end up accessing to the most basic package of the cheap car insurance companies. But sometimes this could well be what you can afford. The good news is that you can always switch to better when qualified for lower charges in the big companies.

2. Enroll In Driver Education And Training Classes

Enroll in driver education classes and save yourself a buck in your car insurance. Why? As a new driver, it’s automatic that you have less experience in driving. You’ll often be unaware of some road sign, and possibly other rules of the road as well. A driver’s education and training will give you an upper hand with insurance companies. They’ll rate you as having some experience. In addition, there’s a whole lot of learning to make you a better driver. However, this doesn’t necessarily apply to new drivers getting cuts in their first car insurance. Other experienced drivers can enroll as an indicator of the seriousness they have to be safe drivers.

3. What’s The Company’s Reputation And History?Car Insurance Policy

It’s always good to make sure you find value for your money. Find that car insurance company you are interested in, go to their website, and find out:

  • The mission, vision, and values
  • Time and experience in the business.
  • Location and area of operation.
  • Leadership type.
  • Community indulgence.
  • Financial power.
  • Car insurance packages.

As you engage in the search, remember both positive and negative reviews will pop up. But ensure the positive supersedes the negative. As well, trust your gut instincts. If you feel uncomfortable with one, move to the next. And for that matter, remember to always find comfort in your decision.

4. Ask To Be Added To Your Parents Insurance

Sometimes you might not be able to have a personal car insurance as a new driver. You can always ask your parents to add you to their policy. Though this is conditional, you have to:

  • Be below a specific age.
  • In an institution for higher learning 

Are you under that category? Then you’re the right candidate to be added to the policy. although you will have to register under their names, whether or not you have your own personal car. Though this shouldn’t be a big deal anyway.

5. Have A Safe Vehicle

Teenage drivers usually lack the funds to buy expensive cars in perfect condition. Most of them will tell you their first car was a wreck and that they only managed to operate through sheer luck. Disappointingly, with such vehicles, it’s hard to get a good car insurance cover. Most car insurance companies consider and prefer newer vehicles with security features such as airbags. And so, driving beater vehicles will deny you the chance to access a good car insurance company. The value of your Honda Civic 4-door will greatly be depreciated than that of a new flashy sports carThat’s why if you’re a new driver, get yourself a safer car and save yourself the agony of getting a good car insurance deal.

Pro Tip: Remove any window tints that did not originally come with your car windows. Also, do away with power mods and other unnecessary features. You’ll easily avoid higher charges on your car insurance.

It’s costly to get good car insurance for new drivers. Car insurance companies often find it risky to insure individuals with little to no driving experience. You’ll have to spend some extra cost getting your first insurance. But don’t fret. Read through the tips above on how to select a good car insurance company as a new driver. Enjoy the rides!