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Maintenance Tips That Will Increase The Value Of Your House

If you think buying or building a house is hard, then you should try maintaining one. The value of your home should ideally appreciate over time, sustaining and maintaining it is what will get it there. Owning a good home is pricey, so you need to find the best ways to keep its market value. You might want to sell it at some point. Therefore,  it’s prudent to get it ready to go always. Most people have maintained homes using simple tips that went a long way during a sale. If you practice these maintenance steps, you’ll get your house as close to turnkey standards as you possibly can. Follow through to understand maintenance tips that will increase the value of your house:

1. Consulting An Expert

As much as you want to maintain your house affordably but efficiently, it’s best to talk to a pro. Real estate agents are the best to begin. It’s usually free to consult them, but it might cost you about $100 an hour to talk to a designer. The designer will provide more ideas within that one hour that you wouldn’t have done on your own. Some of the ideas you can get:

  • House arrangement.
  • Furniture upgrade ideas.
  • Colors selection of paint.

Try out the ideas and see the difference.

2. Scrutinize Your House

To your eyes, your house is probably the most beautiful one, while to others, they might think that it’s about to fall apart. For how long have you lived in your home? The more the year, then the more highly likely it that you might need an inspection to identify hidden problems. There might be areas in your house that you don’t see every day, but they as well harbor various problems that could impact the value of your home. A good example is an old electrical system, weakening roof, or termite infestation on wood and other parts of the house. In this case, an inspector will help you get all the details needed. You might have overlooked some damages in your house that could get expensive to repair over time.  

3. External Wall Repair And Painting Man paiting wall

Old and ugly exterior walls are unattractive and generally unpleasant to most buyers. It’s easy for a potential buyer to turn down buying such a house based on that one fact alone. Sometimes people get so busy with their lives and forget such little things like applying a fresh coat of paint. Paint is an easy way to keep your house appealing and modern. There’s so much to tell walking into a house that has dilapidated walls. It gives a tale of negligence on the part of the homeowners. Also, you must always consult an expert on the colors. Picking your own color of paint could be exciting but, you might just miss the point. You could also research and find your best fit. Lastly, check out for any wall repairs and organize for re-do. For instance:

  • Replace panels on weatherboard walls.
  • Seal gaps on rendered walls with fresh concrete.
  • Fill fresh mortar on brick walls.

Paint is remarkably affordable for its prowess, at about $25, you’ll get a gallon of paint. So, go for it! It’ll make a whole lot of difference in the value of your house.

4. Interior Flooring

Imagine walking into an open house. What catches your attention first? Most house buyers check out the floor first, upon entering an open house. Maintaining a high valued home means your ground must be stylishAvoid using outdated carpets that are stuffy. Ensure your floors are clean and well maintained. Did you know hardwood floors are most coveted by many? If you can switch from old rusty tiles to a hardwood floor, then do it. More so, you could find a stylish carpet to keep your house warm and striking. Remember to fix your flooring and find a fancy mat to complete the look.

5. Upgrade Your Kitchen

Have you ever walked into an open house kitchen with a sleek finish? One with stainless steel items and granite countertops, what comes to your mind? It’s expensive. You’ll have an assumption of the price of the houseSuch upgrades are fancy and modern, but you might miss a sale. So, it’s best to have a functional kitchen. Ensure the taps, cupboards, and working spaces are in appreciable condition. That’ll save you from spending too much. And, if the house is not for sale, then a functional, clean kitchen is attractive and improves the value of your home.

6. Bathroom And Toilet Maintenance

Maintaining a bathroom or toilet means that it’s clean, functional, and ever fresh. You don’t have to go all the way to renew everything. Tubs, toilets, showers could be costly. Constant cleaning and repair are enough to increase the value of your house. Replacing old fixtures, grout, and repainting the walls: That’s all you need to have an aesthetically appealing bathroom and toilet.

Paint interior walls to your garden, thoroughly clean your house and organize for landscaping lighting. All these add up to the tips to realize a stylish home. While it all seems a lot, start from where you want to and consult an expert if need be. Increasing the value of your house is just a tip away.