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How To Take Amazing Photos With Your Smartphone

Smartphones camera technology are revolutionizing each day, making it easier to take photos and rekindling us with our past memories. Previously, we could only take photos using professional gear or visiting photo studios for a shoot. You’d have to buy a camera and invest in editing software to enjoy high quality images. We really ought to be thankful for the excellent camera features our smartphones provide. They are becoming increasingly powerful and we are all experience the best technologies thus far. Their editing apps specifically produce high-quality photos. To make the most out of your smartphone camera, you will need some skills and tips to snap like a pro. Here are a few tips on how to take amazing photos with your smartphone.

Begin With A Clean Slate

Always ensure your phone’s camera lens is clean before taking your photos. Wipe your lens using a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching and to remove marks from the lens. Rough materials like jeans or a towel dipped into the water may do you no good, simply avoid them. Afterward, take some sample shoots to ascertain if the lens is clean. If clean, you can begin taking your photos. Make sure to capture your best poses!

Capture Multiple Photos

Amazingly, smartphones can capture a myriad of pictures in rapid succession. You can therefore shoot multiple shoots and then simply select what stands out the best. With time, it gives you some little practice for perfecting the skill. Just like the old age saying goes, practice makes perfect, makes a lot of sense here. You can find this feature under ‘burst photo’ in your camera settings. Smartphones are the best means to capture burst photos. Burst photos enable you to capture multiple shots as you take various poses. You can then pick on amazing photos from the selection.

Look For Light Before Making Your Own SunSmartphone photography

 Amazing photos are those shot when there’s a multiple and consistent source of light. One glaring light from the smartphone’s flash LED light will do you no good. You might strike your best poses, but with such lights, they’ll lack great lighting and give you some harsh odd-colored looks. It’s your responsibility to pick on a consistent and bright source of light for illuminating your subjects. Even if it’s the diminishing sun or some indoor lights, they’ll work just right! Also, you can use another phone’s flashlight to make the room bright when totally out of options.

Balance Your Shots With Grid-lines

Grid-lines are very important image tool for taking amazing photos with your smartphone. So, the best way to make your images stand out is to turn them on. Grid-lines base on the “rule of thirds” to overlay lines on the screen of your smartphone. “The rule of third” is a principle for photography that states that photos must be divided into thirds, both horizontally, and vertically to make them nine parts. So, balancing is effortless by placing the subjects of interest in the intersections. It results in more balanced photos and increases the viewer’s interaction with them. The following is a guide on switching the grid on for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones:

  • Samsung Galaxy: Go to the camera app, pick on “Settings,” scroll, and switch on the “grid-lines” option.
  • iPhone: Go to “Settings,” select “Photos and Camera,” then turn on “Grid.” 

Set The Focus Of Your Camera

Even though smartphones nowadays automatically focus on the foreground, not every photo you take has a clear subject. Adjust the focus to the object you want and you’ll be taking amazing photos in no time. Scroll to the camera app and tap the screen to where you want the view sharpened. It’s often difficult for the camera to follow and refocus moving objects. Add as much focus to shoot that subject. Tap the screen to get good focus point and before taking the picture, make sure it has as much focus as imaginable. While at it, a circle or a square icon will pop up on your camera screen, so move the attention to everything inside it.

Focus On One Subject

Amazing photos have one subject of interest. It means that you should take some enough time to prepare a well thought out focus before snapping. Never fill the entire frame with the subject. According to professional photographers, only use up a third of the space. Don’t forget the lighting and focus should always be optimal. Tapping the screen to focus the camera on the subject is no longer the secret.

Bonus Tip: Use editing and filter apps to make the subjects extra vibrant. The apps also crop, brighten, contrast, and bring the best out of your smartphone photos.

Many editing apps will always enhance the beauty of your photos. Besides, it’s so easy to take amazing pictures with your smartphone. Read through the above steps and guidelines and practice to ensure you give it your best shot.