Benefits Of Switching To Fiber Internet Connection

With a speed offerings of up to 100 Gbps, you should definitely consider a fiber connection when upgrading your internet connection. Think of how many times you use the internet at home or in your office. There are many instances where the internet is not fast enough to meet your needs, especially when shared between family and colleagues. A fast internet connection saves you time and money. As a business owner, every time you delay responding to customers, there is a possibility of losing them. Switching to fiber is your best bet. You’ll have files sent, emails checked, and data uploaded to the cloud for storage and backup, while still having enough bandwidth to follow up on your customer requests.

Are you considering new internet options for your business? Here’s a short read on some of the benefits of switching to a fiber internet connection:

1. Fiber Is Extremely Fast

Fiber is up to 10-20 times faster than any competing wired and wireless connections. Did you know that slow internet connections cost a whole week’s worth of productivity in an entire year? Multiply that by the number of employees you have and you could be looking a whole month wasted.  Time spent on slow internet is very crucial to business growth. The internet is a tool meant to scale up your business. Make your employees aspire to be productive with fast internet. Fiber internet connection has all it takes to save you from business losses. Fiber is not limited to businesses only. At home, if you want to get entertained on Netflix or any other platform, get a fiber internet connection. You’ll have a good time with no internet hiccups!

2. Cloud-based Storage

Cloud is an essential tool for data storage of most businesses. About 96% of organizations use the cloud in different capacities. But, storing and accessing data on the cloud is only recommended for quick and reliable internet connections. If you have so much to upload on the cloud, you’ll need fast internet to save your time. Also, when dealing with clients, you’ll need quick access to the cloud when you’re connecting them. It means that communication to customers or those intending to buy your products will experience a smoother shopping with fiber. In the current world, most businesses are moving services to the cloud. It makes fiber significant. Reinvent your business by switching to a fiber internet connection.

3. Signal Strength

Fiber optic offers a distinguished signal. While it’s common to lose signal strength as you move away from the source, fiber maintains signal strength over long distances. Other broadband internet options such as copper and Ethernet has degrading signal strength. Businesses or companies in huge spaces enjoy better signal strength with fiber internet connection. Fiber internet is less prone to overload as well. For this reason, it doesn’t slow when other users tap into it.

4. Reliability Fiber connector

Have you experienced sudden slow internet while streaming? It’s common for images to get choppy with a cable or wireless internet connection. The interruptions on your cable internet are a result of traffic overloads. When everyone else connects a shared internet, your streaming will might experience slow downs. It’s why fiber is an exceptional offer: 

  • Fiber has the capabilities to deal with many users connected simultaneously while maintaining its peak speed.
  • More so, fiber optics is reliable during power outages. The internet connectivity doesn’t require energized lines like the cable internet. You’ll maintain a connection to the internet for a while if the fiber cable remains intact during a power shortage.

5. Quality Images on TV

Do you have a 4K TV or, is it on your next list of purchase? Millions of people are resolving to buy Ultra High Definition 4K TV. So, if you can afford it, don’t be left out. 4K TV image quality is on another level:

  • It boasts four times more pixels in matching real estate. And, this is why it has crisper images. 
  • As you think of the quality, remember you’ll need a faster internet connection. If you have 100Mbps internet speed or less, streaming on 4K might be a struggle. A cable internet connection might not work for you at this time. 

Select a fiber internet connection. The speed won’t even blink. You’ll like it. At anything more than 100Mbps fiber optic speed, you have your 4K TV function at its best without interruptions.

6. Improved Game Play

So, you love playing games, but your current cable internet has multiple points that cause delays and latency. If you want to enjoy gaming on a whole new level, fiber is your only solution; fiber internet speed is the superlative of gaming. Did you know game play uses a tiny fraction of data? At less than 5Mbps? It’s true. Gaming data is cheap compared to streaming live videos. But, the secret is latency. When playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll fail to keep up with your teammates if you experience occasional internet hiccups. Everyone loves winning, right? So, switch to fiber and get a steady and reliable internet connection. 

While you may want to get fiber internet connectivity, check your location for its availability. As much as fiber optics is among the best connections you could land yourself, its accessibility is limited to big cities. The benefits of switching to a fiber internet connection are numerous; this is a bit of it. But, get yourself connected and enjoy the benefits first-hand!