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Should You Make The Switch From Cable To Streaming?

We often find it hard to decide what we want to watch. Research from Ericsson’s study reveals that, on average, Americans spend close to an hour looking for something to watch. Most people are turning to stream content online. But, how much does streaming cost compared to the age-old cable watching? Streaming prices are slowly creeping up, so the number of new subscribers is somewhat shrinking. However, cable TV has approximately 90% of content that subscribers barely watch yet the subscription fees are also getting pricey. So, if you do the math, there’s no real economic value to it. Furthermore, in every seven Americans, one opts for internet streaming over cable. This is a dangerous statistic for cable TV. Should you make the switch from cable to streaming? Let’s find out!


It’s hard to find two viewers with a similar tastes. That’s why streaming services come in handy. They’ll allow you to come up with your own profile, and set up your preferences so they can tailor their services to your likes. These streaming services keep track of your viewing history. For that reason, the more you use the service, the more you’ll continue getting familiar content in your recommendations list. Therefore, save yourself from the endless scrolling. if you are finding it hard to make the switch, remember that cable TVs can only dream of offering you this type of experience.

Cut Costs

Although internet streaming can be costly, cable streaming is too. A cable subscription can amount to $100 monthly. And all you get to watch maybe a weekly episode of that favorite comedy. So calculating the cost of that episode is $25. You are literally paying for numerous other channels that you never pay attention to anyway. If you compare a cable TV subscription with a streaming service, you’ll realize that you are spending slightly higher, for considerably fewer shows and lack of any noteworthy movie. You can ponder over this thought if you are still in doubt.

HD Watching ExperienceMobile streaming

In the past, online video streaming was not as enjoyable. Why? The image quality was still questionable, combine it with the poor internet connection of those days and you got a distraught viewing experience. Nowadays, high-definition video streaming has become the mainstream, video quality is at par with traditional HD televisions. Improvements in internet connectivity have also led to more invention in the streaming space, and play a significant role in our watching experience. For a worthwhile watch, you no longer have to rely on cable TV watching. Anyone can enjoy their favorites from the streaming platforms.

Value For Money

The value should be the main reason for cutting that cord. Cable providers make you sign contracts which jails you in their packages. Yet, they may be offering fewer content, usually not in your line of interest,  most of which you’ll never have to watch. You can instead switch to a streaming service that has your interest in mind and feature exciting new content! In addition, streaming apps have a variety of price points to meet your budget requirements. Therefore, value and flexibility should be your core driving factors to switch from cable to streaming.

Variety Of Content

To date, cable usage is continuously dwindling while internet streaming platforms are simply gaining more customers. People are picking content and choosing streaming services that allow them to enjoy more content. A place they get more types of channels and little of what they dislike at lower costs. Unfortunately, Cable streaming lacks such features. Streaming has more than you’ll ever think. Apart from your favorite shows, you get a chance to consume more movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Maybe you want to be physically fit;  or learn new cooking recipes, switch from cable to streaming content. It’s the best way to venture! 

Timely Watch Your Favorite TV Series

It would take quite some time before you get to see the next episode of your TV series on Cable TV. Presently, numerous platforms will even air episodes a day after release. Streaming platforms like ABC, NBC, and Fox are culprit to this. You know the drill; switch from cable to streaming for a better experience.

Should you make the switch from cable to streaming? The answer is yes. It is so clear that online streaming is the next frontier. You know how costly it is to stick to cable TV and what value you get from streaming platforms. Though cable TV has been reliable all these years, it is clearly on it’s way out and the faster those on the fence make up their mind, the closer its graveyard approaches.